How would you like to multiply your wealth by investing in the fastest growing
commercial properties in Malaysia?


Carefully picked commercial properties tend to appreciate much faster than residential properties as their supply is far more limited. The key lies in how to select the right property and this is where our analysis makes all the difference.

Whilst most investors generate average returns by over-diversifying their investments, our philosophy is to work with a proven formula, keep improving and multiplying it. As Warren Buffet puts it, "Wide diversification is only required when investors do not understand what they are doing."

We follow the formula developed by Thomas Ong, a commercial property entrepreneur with an impressive track record, who spots uncut diamonds, lets them develop and sells them at a cut diamond price within a 2 to 3 years horizon.

To find these rare opportunities, we do not just focus on location but also timing and insider knowledge of upcoming developments in terms of surrounding investments, road system changes, price bench-marking and population growth just to name a few. Instead of purely highlighting a project's features as most developers do when marketing a new project, we direct our attention to the project surroundings and planned changes that will boost its value.


Leverage of investment capital via high margin of finance from banks, investing a fraction of own money only, yet claiming all the profits. For example, an 80% bank loan generates a five fold leverage on your capital. In other words, if your property value increases by just 10%, you actually generate a 50% return on your capital. Of course, a loss would be yours to bear entirely as well.
We go against the grain by first multiplying our capital and later use our profits to hold some of our investments and collect passive income.
We partner with thoroughly checked and reliable second-tier developers and negotiate bulk purchase prices, ensuring low risk and outstanding value.
As not all investors are equal, we tailor partnership opportunities maximizing everyone's investment potential. For instance, we help couple investors with capital yet limited borrowing capacity with investors with borrowing capacity yet limited capital. Obviously a partnership must be built on common goals and trust that must be clearly established prior to concluding any agreement.

Icon Property does not just allow you to invest in commercial properties with fantastic growth potential. We also provide you an opportunity to build a long-term strategic partnership, keeping you abreast of other investors when high potential commercial investments emerge, investing at developer's price or even below, further optimizing your profit potential.

Icon Property is NOT a property agent. We are part of a group of commercial property entrepreneurs who believe in long-term growth via partnerships rather than one-off sales. We are invested and committed to every project that we promote, allowing passive investors to rely on us in managing their capital.

Our formula allows you to build an impressive property portfolio within 3 to 5 years only, versus the 10 to 20 years needed with traditional property investments, making commercial property the F1 of wealth creation. A minimum investment capital of RM 200'000 and/or borrowing capacity of RM 1'000'000 is however required to get seriously started in our business.

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